What Are the Advantages of Wet Mica Powder in Ceramic Sanitary Ware?

Mar. 15, 2018

Wet Ground Mica Powder has passed the strict inspection and detection of chemical institutions, such as SGS, product quality, particularly won the favorite in Germany, US, South Korea and so on. It is widely used in pearlescent pigment substrate, cosmetic raw material, plastic, reinforced material, ceramic sanitary ware, etc. Huayuan Wet Mica Powder has the following advantages:

1.Almost no lead, mercury and other heavy metal substances, non-toxic, improve the product quality greatly.

2.We have unique technology of grading patent, the product distribution is narrow.

3.Our wet ground mic powder with high whiteness, which is more than 80.

4.Its surface is bright and diameter thickness ratio is big. It is the best pearlite pigment substrate. 

5.It reflect the ultraviolet light effectively, it has better sunscreen function. 

6.Its purity is higher, quality is stable and price is more competitive.

7.The heat resistance of the mica powder can be up to 1100 degrees.

Wet Ground Mica Powder