Why Add Mica In Cosmetics?

May. 31, 2019

Recently, many people have asked what is glittering in skin care products, or some know that it is a mica, will there be any harm and other problems. As a Phlogopite Mica Manufacturer, talk about these sparkling mica in cosmetics today. And why the ingredients of mica should be added to cosmetics.

Start with our skin, healthy skin needs to have a glossy feel:

Healthy skin needs to have a certain luster. For Asian women, it needs to be white and natural, and it needs to have proper luster. If the cluster of the face is too small, the skin will look dry and malnourished; Gloss is too greasy, and shiny skin is more likely to appear on dull skin.

Sericite Mica

In cosmetics, how to make the face shine? One is that you can add some oil, but it may affect the skin feel, and the product feels greasy after use. The other is to add mica to skin care products and make-up products.

Why mica can be shiny, let's talk about one or two:

The first is the flaky structure of mica: Mica is a rock-forming mineral, and mica used in cosmetics is usually a scaly structure. The sheet-like structure, if it can cover the surface of the skin in a pit, allows the light to form a specular reflection instead of a diffuse reflection without a fixed direction so that the specularly reflected light can shine.

Secondly, the light that shines on the mica has a high reflection, and the small transmittance is such that the light does not pass through the mica (not like glass), but instead reflects on the surface of the mica.

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