Conductive Mica Powder

Conductive mica powder is produced on basis of wet ground mica through nanotechnology. An innovative conductive functional semiconductor pigment (filler) is produced through surface processing and semiconductor doping after what a conductive oxide layer is formed on surface of the base material. Conductive mica powder is generally flaky and appears to be powder in grey white or light grey color. It is easy to disperse and has light color, small specific gravity, excellent heat resistance, stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, electromagnetic wave permeability and electrical conductivity and low cost. Conductive mica powder is suitable for almost all environments and occasions where electrical conductivity and static protection are required, so it is widely used in various industrial sectors, such as oil drilling, chemical, building materials, electronics, electromechanical industry, communication, automotive, medicine, paper making, textile, packaging, printing, shipbuilding, ceramics, aerospace and weapon industries as well as fields close to routine household lives, such as those in relation to electric conduction and static protection.

Conductive Mica Powder   Conductive Mica Powder   Conductive Mica Powder