Huayuan Mica-Plastic Grade

Mica is an excellent reinforcing filler of plastics because it has large radius-thickness ratio and good resistance to high temperature, acid ,alkali and abrasion. Our company uses high-quality ores and employs unique wet grinding, delaminating and purification technologies in the production process to make sure mica is completely delaminated.  The application of mica in plastics industry makes several differences as following: 1. Improved optical performance; 2. Improved  insulativity and fire resistance; 3. Improved tensile strength and bending modulus;  4. Improved size stability, reduced shrinkage, warpage and tortuosity. In comparison with fiberglass, mica has advantage of smoother surface and less warpage, therefore is widely used in modified plastics, such as PP-R, PP, ABS, PE, PA, PU and PVC as well as in functional master batch and plastic engineering.

Huayuan Mica-Plastic Grade   Huayuan Mica-Plastic Grade   Huayuan Mica-Plastic Grade