Benefits of exterior wall anti-corrosion coating Sericite Mica

Nov. 02, 2019

  Wet Ground Mica Powder has high purity and good sheet structure. Unlike dry mica powder, the microstructure is similar to granular shape. The wafer is torn, perforated and the surface is rough.

  The main application of Sericite Mica is to improve the resistance of the paint film. The flaky filler forms a substantially parallel orientation in the paint film. The penetration of water and other corrosive substances on the paint film is strongly blocked, the penetration resistance is improved by 3 times, and the performance of anticorrosive paint, exterior paint, and other related paints is obvious. improve.

Sericite Mica

Sericite Mica

  Sericite Mica's role in anti-corrosion coatings is straightforward and requires no explanation. For exterior wall coatings and outdoor anticorrosive coatings, the damage of rain and ultraviolet rays needs to be considered. The infiltration of rainwater will reduce the strength of the film and accelerate aging. After freezing, the porous structure will be formed in the paint film, and the acidity will dissolve the filler (such as calcium carbonate). These problems must be solved by adding mica powder. Mica absorbs ultraviolet light, and the coverage and shielding efficiency are high, so it can further delay the aging of the coating. In addition, the flaky filler has an effect on the paint film.

  Improving the insulation of the coating is also one of the applications of sericite powder, which should not contain conductive impurities such as free iron oxide.

  Optical effects are another aspect. Large mica sheets reflect well and increase gloss, while fine powders cause matting.

  Infrared radiation is also one of the functions of mica, and the high temperature resistance is excellent (can work normally at 800-1200 °C), so the application of infrared heating elements and high-temperature equipment often requires the use of mica powder as a filler. The addition of mica powder to the paint of the artificial celestial body can reduce the temperature of the sunny surface by several tens of degrees.

  Sericite is a monoclinic crystal. The crystal is scaly, with silky luster (the muscovite is glassy). The pure block is gray, purple rose, white, etc. How about its random or irregular filling?

  Random padding can be divided into the following four types:

  1, random dense filling. Pour the ball into a container that is available when the container is vibrating or when it is shaken strongly. At this time, an average porosity of 0.359 to 0.375 is obtained, which greatly exceeds the average value of 0.26 for the corresponding hexagonal dense filling.

  2. Randomly dump the fill. Pour the ball into a container, which is equivalent to the industrial operation of unloading powder and loose bag materials, and can obtain an average porosity of 0.375~~0.391.

  3, random sparse filling. Put a bunch of loose balls in a container, or fill the balls one by one randomly by hand, or roll the balls one by one onto the ball so filled, which gives an average of 0.4~~0.41. Porosity.

  4, random extremely sparse filling. At the lowest fluidization, the fluidized bed has an average porosity of 0.46~~0.47. The velocity of the fluid in the fluidized bed will slowly be zero, or the average porosity of 0.44 will be obtained by the sedimentation of the ball.

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