What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Synthetic Mica and Natural Mica?

Jul. 30, 2020

As a Wet Ground Mica Factory, share with you. The advantages of synthetic mica compared with natural mica:

Sericite Mica

Sericite Mica

(1) The quality of synthetic mica is more stable due to the consistent formula and ratio of raw materials;

(2) No natural radiation source, high purity, no impurities, and good insulation;

(3) It contains almost no heavy metals harmful to the human body, and complies with the safety indicators of developed countries such as the European Union and the United States;

(4) The surface is smoother and the whiteness is high, and the whiteness can reach more than 92%, which can produce ultra-white silver pearlescent effect pigments;

(5) The produced pearlescent pigments are of high quality, which can produce pearlescent pigments with pearl, crystal and diamond effects at the same time.

Comprehensive utilization of synthetic mica

In the mica industry, the so-called comprehensive utilization means that in addition to using large pieces of mica, all finely divided mica must be fully utilized to improve the economic benefits of the enterprise. At present, my country has the following uses for the comprehensive utilization of synthetic mica:

(1) Synthetic mica powder

Mica powder has good sliding properties, strong coverage, and strong adhesion. It can be used as a filler and is widely used in high-grade coatings, enamels, anti-corrosion, and chemicals.

(2) Synthetic mica ceramics

Synthetic mica ceramics are composites that have the advantages of mica, ceramics, and plastics: they can be molded like plastics, have the excellent electrical insulation and processability of mica, and the high temperature resistance of ceramics. A high-quality insulating material.

(3) Casting products

It is a new type of high temperature resistant, processable and corrosion resistant inorganic insulating material processed by synthetic mica chips as the main raw material. It has good electrical insulation and high mechanical strength, as well as radiation resistance and oxidation resistance. Excellent performance of the series.

(4) Synthetic mica electric heating plate

This is a new type of functional material, which is made by coating a layer of semiconductor film on a synthetic mica board. It is smokeless and tasteless at high temperatures. As a household appliance material, it is widely used and rapidly developed.

(5) Synthetic mica pearlescent pigment

Because synthetic mica is a synthetic material, the selection of raw materials can be controlled artificially. Therefore, the pollution of heavy metal ions and other harmful elements to the product is eliminated from the source. It has pure texture, high temperature resistance, high whiteness, high brightness, safety, Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it is a new type of pearlescent pigment with excellent comprehensiveness, which is widely used in high-end decoration industries such as coatings, plastics, leather, cosmetics, textiles, ceramics, enamel and building materials.

With the increasing maturity of synthetic mica technology, its application has penetrated into all aspects of life, and will surely promote the rapid development of other related industries.

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