Do you know the application of Wet Ground Mica Powder?

Dec. 12, 2019

Wet Ground Mica Powder is a mineral powder with high smoothness, high brightness, high refractive index, and large diameter-thickness ratio. The chemical composition, structure and structure of mica powder are similar to that of kaolin, and it has certain characteristics of clay minerals, namely, it has good dispersion and suspension in aqueous media and organic solvents, fine white particles, and viscosity. Therefore, mica powder has both the characteristics of mica-type minerals and clay-type minerals.

Sericite Mica Powder

Sericite Mica Powder


Wet milled mica powder is a kind of high-quality mineral powder made of high-quality flake mica raw materials, washed, washed with impurities, soaked, crushed and crushed, dried at low temperature, and sieved. It has a unique flake structure, large diameter-thickness ratio, high refractive index, high purity, high whiteness, high gloss, and low iron content. These characteristics are unmatched by the dry process. The unique properties of wet-milled mica powder greatly improve the application in many industries such as plastics, paints (anti-corrosion), rubber, etc., and have a significant effect on improving product performance and reducing costs.


In terms of insulation:

Many foreign manufacturers have long applied wet mica in the manufacture of rubber tires. It can prevent the adhesion of the inner and outer tires from the surface, and can also be used as a release agent for rubber products. It is also used to manufacture cables, which not only improves the insulation but also prevents the hardening of the foreskin and the adhesion of the cable core.

Mica for Plastics:

1. The unique flake structure of mica makes it a typical reinforcing filler. The wet mica powder is used as a filler to improve the toughness, heat resistance and dimensional stability of raw materials. Its contribution in this respect is superior to any inorganic filler. For example 1. Polypropylene manufactures automotive parts: such as thermal valve housings, instrument panels, door panels, etc.

2. Manufacture automotive parts from poly terephthalic acid and butylene glycol, including products such as exterior decorations and cabin components.

3. Used in unsaturated polyester to make spray bath, bath sanitary unit, tank liner, etc.

4. Use phenolic, epoxy, silicone and other aspects to manufacture electronic and electrical industry components.

In fine chemicals and cosmetics

Because wet mica powder is non-toxic, harmless, odorless, bright and lubricating, non-precipitating and easy to disperse, many manufacturers at home and abroad have widely used wet mica in fine chemicals.

When it comes to premium paint

Mixing wet hair mica powder in high-grade paint can replace zinc powder, aluminum powder, magnesium, and titanium metal powder. Coating factories have generally used wet mill mica for paint production.

In making pearlescent plastics

Wet mica powder is the main raw material of a new high-grade decorative material-mica pearlescent pigment.

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