Does the Lipstick use Mica Powder as a Functional Filler?

Mar. 05, 2020

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Mica powders are also used in the production of lipsticks and lip gloss lipsticks, especially lipsticks with good gloss. Mica powders often play the role of pigments in modern industries. For example, mica powders have been used in the paintings of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang Mica has also been used as a pigment only for colored windows. These uses are based on the good pearlescent color of mica powder!

For more shiny and shiny makeup, you will definitely not miss makeup with pearlescent pigments. These gloss-enhancing cosmetics are indispensable for mica. In ancient China, mica was one of the raw materials for making white pigments, which can be reflected in the painting of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang. In Russia in ancient times, large-diameter mica was also cut to make windows.

Muscovite Mica

Muscovite Mica

Many brands of lipsticks contain mica particles, which can play a role in injecting translucency and bright luster into the lip color. In cosmetics, the commonly used mica raw material is muscovite, which is often used to replace pearlescent pigments to add red, Of the loose powder or blush, the most commonly used in our lives today is muscovite, which is a very common rock-forming mineral that can be formed under different geological conditions. Muscovite Mica is a layered silicate mineral with the chemical formula KAl3 [Si3AlO10] (OH) 2.

Muscovite often has flaky and hexagonal outlines, which are usually colorless and also have brown or pink colors. Mica powder is widely used in makeup and is often used to replace pearlescent pigments in red, loose powder or blush. High-quality muscovite can be divided into thin thin elastic flakes with a shiny sheen. This property is only a good material for cosmetics with muscovite powder with large diameter to thickness ratio.

China's mica powder resources are abundant, but compared with developed countries, the use scale of China's mica powder deposits is very small and the amount used is low. It is mainly used as a filler, and there are more coarse materials, and there are fewer deep-processed products. Its potential applications The value is not fully expressed, and its widespread use and infinite economic value are difficult to express. Most of the operations such as beneficiation, enrichment, purification, and ultra-fine grinding and grading remain in the discussion period. It has seriously affected the rational use of mica powder resources in China, and beneficiation and purification are some of the necessary methods to produce high-quality mica powder. With the deepening of the deep processing of commodities, the ultra-fine and grading of commodities are also the key questions that must be handled. In particular, how to maintain the type and diameter-to-thickness ratio of mica powder very well in grinding are all topics for deep processing of mica powder resource commodities.

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