Can Mica Powder be Used for Welding Materials and Ceramics?

Dec. 01, 2020

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Phlogopite Mica

Phlogopite Mica

In the field of welding materials, mica powder is a new type of electrode coating material. Its unique combination of chemical elements can improve arc stability, reduce spatter, improve the process performance of the electrode, and solve the frequent occurrence of electrode coating cracking in the production process of electrode Problem, when used in acidic electrodes such as E4303 and E4313, the recommended ratio is 3%—5%. At the same time, it has a certain degree of elasticity and plasticity, which can increase the lubricity of the electrode coating and the fluidity in the powder tank, and improve its The pressure coating performance replaces titanium dioxide and reduces the cost of welding rods.

Mica ceramic is a special engineering material, suitable for the production of heat-resistant materials, insulating materials, high-temperature mechanical parts, etc., and is widely used in the electrical and electronic industries. Mica ceramics are generally made by crystallized glass method or sintering method.

The flexural strength of the mica ceramics produced by these two processes is not ideal. For example, the flexural strength of mica ceramics produced by the glass crystallization method is generally only in the range of 100-140MPa, and the flexural strength of mica ceramics produced by the sintering method is in the range of 120-130MPa.

The use of high-quality mica powder can make the product thinner and lighter. This technology can have a very wide range of applications in the plastics industry, such as the manufacture of high-strength products, including plastic parts for machinery and vehicles, geotechnical materials, home appliance housings, packaging materials, plastic products for daily use, films, split threads, ropes, etc. .

Improve the insulating properties of plastic products. Mica has extremely high resistance and is a high-performance insulating material. It is a well-known technology to use mica powder to improve the insulation properties of materials. If you need to make highly insulating plastic products, you can consider adding functional filler wet mica powder. As mentioned above, mica with high iron content has lower insulation properties and should be avoided. Dry-process mica powder does not have ore washing, and its iron content is generally high. This type of mica powder should not be used.

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