Do you know the Application of Mica Powder in Rubber and Plastic Materials ?

Apr. 01, 2020

The application of Mica Powder in rubber and plastic materials is reflected in the following aspects:

①The outstanding advantages of mica powder reinforced thermoplastics are: high hardness, large filler volume ratio, good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good permeability resistance, excellent dielectric properties, small warpage, small thermal expansion coefficient, low flammability, and molding cycle Short, flat reinforcement, high heat-transition temperature.

Phlogopite Mica

Phlogopite Mica

② Mica powder is evenly dispersed in plastic, and the object has good fluidity. It is easy to be extruded and injection molded, which is conducive to industrial production. Mica powder is widely used in plastics because of its unique two-dimensional sheet structure and excellent flexibility. The uses of Mica powder is as follows: it can reduce the shrinkage, warpage, bending and specific gravity of the product, improve the mechanical properties of the product, heat resistance, insulation, chemical stability and barrier properties, Increase the surface gloss and weather resistance of products. When used in plastic food containers and electronic cookers, it can improve the microwave permeability of products. At present, mica powder is mainly used in PP, thermoplastic polyester, PC, PE, PA, unsaturated polyester. , Phenolic plastic, PU, etc.

③ The outstanding advantages of mica powder reinforced thermosetting plastics are: good dielectric properties, high dimensional stability, high hardness and thermal change temperature, and good permeability resistance.

There are also many mica powder products used in coatings, and they are mainly high-quality mica powders. The texture and gloss of mica powders have a significant effect on improving the quality of coating products. The price of mica powder is also very fair with fillers. The function helps to reduce the production cost of coatings and increase the wear resistance of coatings!

The mica powder produced is selected from the high-quality mica ore in the Taihang Mountains. The product is in the form of fine phosphor flakes with strong acid and alkali resistance, and also has very good electrical insulation. In addition to mica powder, Phlogopite Mica Supplier also produces a large amount of mica Powder, insulating mica powder, natural mica powder, synthetic mica powder and more!

In the production of coatings, high-end coatings have also fully exploited the flake characteristics of mica powder, and the increased layering of the coating powder is more three-dimensional than other coatings!

The matting characteristics of mica powder are also fully used in the coating products. The addition of a large amount of mica powder also reduces the production cost of the coating! The life of the coating itself is not long, but the coatings with added mica powder have improved acid and alkali resistance, and the anticorrosive function of a coating film can effectively extend the life of the coating products! The function of this coating film also guarantees the gloss and durability of the coating color!

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