Are all Mica Natural Mica?

Jun. 16, 2020

As a Mica Factory, share with you. There seems to be a great deal of complication about what mica is. A lot of people will inform you that all mica made use of in cosmetics is lab-made. The factors offered will be it's lab created purity, or it's cheaper to make it in a lab. Both are incorrect.

Sericite Mica

Sericite Mica

Micas made use of cosmetics can be normally extracted or they can be lab-made synthetics. A lot of the micas we make use of in cosmetics and also soaps are naturally extracted micas, however synthetics are available. Naturally mined micas are more economical, while artificial mica-- likewise called fluorphlogopite-- is much more costly.

Synthetic mica is superior to all-natural mica in numerous methods. They are extra pure, a lot more intense, as well as have remarkable clearness of color. We love artificial mica!

One more concern frequently asked is if normally extracted mica colors are natural. They are natural in their raw unprejudiced state. All-natural mica is normally a beige mineral as well as can have brownish tones. To accomplish a brilliant color pigment is applied to the mica substrate using warmth. Micas can be colored utilizing numerous dyes and pigments to attain the preferred shade. These colors are lab-made and are not natural. They are often made to be nature-identical.

Basically, lab-created pigments are used to tint cosmetic micas because they satisfy purity requirements set forth by the FDA.

The FDA specifies natural mica as:

The shade additive mica is a white powder obtained from the naturally taking place mineral, muscovite mica, being composed predominantly of a potassium light weight aluminum silicate, K2Al4( Al2Si6O20)( OH) 4 or, conversely, H2KAl3( SiO4).  

Mica may be recognized as well as semiquantitatively established by its characteristic X-ray diffraction pattern and also by its optical residential properties..

Nonetheless, there is no definition or policy for synthetic mica at this time! This does not imply that we can have a free-for-all with it. Artificial mica should still include FDA authorized color ingredients to be taken into consideration cosmetic grade. There are some advantages to this, nonetheless. Due to the fact that artificial mica is not regulated on its own as a shade additive, we can have extra variation in micron dimension and mica use in cosmetics.

Naturally mined mica is not authorized for use in cosmetics at a micron dimension higher than 150. Artificial micas may be used in cosmetics at any micron dimension, considering that there are no regulations since yet stated by the FDA.

With any luck, this helps improve some confusion concerning what sort of mica we utilize in soap and cosmetics, along with the various kinds available.

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