What is Mica Powders ?

Jun. 09, 2020

Mica Properties are terrific natural colourants that come in a wide range of tones as well as impacts.

They are widely made use of in cosmetics, from soap making to lip balms, from eye shadow to toenail varnish.

Nevertheless, there are wider usages for mica powders- they can be used for arts and crafts for lovely colours and also results, think scrapbooking as well as card production.

Phlogopite Mica

Phlogopite Mica

So what are they made from?

Mica Powders are made from a couple of components, the major one being mica.

Mica is a normally happening mineral found around the globe, which is after that covered with other naturally minerals such as iron oxide and tin oxide to call simply a couple of.

Some mica powders are synthetically colored, but we don't stock unnaturally colored mica as we attempt to maintain our components as all-natural as feasible. Also, colored mica powder can hemorrhage a little in soap.

Are they all-natural?

In our opinion, dyes, mica powders are the most natural type of colourants offered, specifically when contrasted to fluid colourants.

Allow's talk mica! You may have come across mica powder before as the mineral has been around forever. It's a non-toxic mineral that gives off a shimmery and also metal like appearance. You can in fact discover mica powder in cosmetics, soaps and lotions in addition to art products. So WHY should you consider using mica powders in your art work? They basically leave a wonderful radiance on whatever you use it on. They're also extremely flexible and also can be made use of for a bunch of different projects. Enough claimed! Since you're already sold on mica powder (which we make certain you are!), let's get involved in exactly how you can utilize it in your art tasks.

1. Art journal.

To obtain a wonderful shimmery history for your art journal or scrapbook page, combine water as well as mica powder in a spray bottle. Just spray it precisely your paper. Enjoy!.

2. Paint.

You can blend mica powder right into oil paint, acrylic paint, or tools to give the painting deepness.

3. Clay.

There are two ways you can make use of mica powder with clay. You can either mix it in with the raw clay to add shade or you can clean the pigment on, sealing it with a finish. You can likewise comb mica powder onto metal and use a coating.

4. Glass.

Mica powder can be made use of on glass however you'll first need to mix it with a clean burning glass adhesive (or Bullseye Glastac) as well as massaging alcohol. Use 2 components mica, 1 part Glastac, as well as 1 part rubbing alcohol to repaint directly onto your piece. Next, you'll want to put it in the kiln for regarding 1325 ° F.

5. Soap.

We mentioned just how mica can be used in soap previously yet we believed we 'd add it into the list of art jobs since it's truly trendy what can be done with it.

We suggest utilizing micas in the melt and pour method. All you have to do is add the powder to your thaw. If you obtain any kind of mica bubbles drift approximately the top, spray them with just a little bit of massaging alcohol. When every little thing is mixed, put the soap into your mold and mildew.

For clear thaw: Usage 1/2 teaspoon per pound of thaw.

Keep in mind: Mica powder functions best with clear melts.

6. Furnishings.

Remember we stated mica powder can blended right into almost anything? We weren't existing. You can likewise mix it with waxes, lusters, varnishes, lacquers, and leading coats to apply it to furniture.

Mica powder is really a great deal of fun and adds a one-of-a-kind component to your artwork. What's your favorite method to utilize it? Our company also has Phlogopite Mica for sale, welcome to consult us.