How to Make your Own Mineral Cosmetics?

Oct. 21, 2020

As a Wet Ground Mica Manufacturer, share with you. After digging into the world of mineral-based cosmetics, its simple, easy and superior natural makeup has become a hallmark. I want to know how difficult it is to make my own products. Therefore, I decided to try to create my own mineral makeup.

When the film box-sized vials and powder bags were put in the mail, I wanted to know how I got in. However, after an hour, after a lot of trial and error, I found out that I have handmade natural mineral foundation and blush – this kind of makeup is abhorrent if I say it myself.


Titanium dioxide

Zinc oxide

Sericite mica, rice flour and/or silk flour

Kaolin (optional)

Iron oxide: yellow, red, brown and black

A few drops of essential oil (optional)



Mixing bowl

Small spoons of various sizes

A teaspoon

Jars, Jars and Baggies

highly recommended:

Face mask

Gloves and/or apron

The base that matches you, or mirror


Make sure to order cosmetic-grade ingredients, such as these, from reputable sources, and avoid the use of nanoparticles, which may cause lung disease when inhaled. Another way is to order a starter kit like this one, which will come with similar ingredients.

Sericite Mica for Sale

Sericite Mica for Sale


1. Cover the work space with newspaper to protect the surface. Put on a mask, gloves and apron, prepare all the ingredients and mixing bowl.

2. First add titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, the ratio of sericite is 2:1:1:3/4-for example, 4 teaspoons of titanium dioxide, 2 teaspoons of zinc oxide and 1 teaspoon of sericite, rice flour, or silk powder. Titanium oxide will determine the skin tone of your foundation. Zinc oxide can increase coverage and is a source of natural SPF, but it can also form a gray level on the color-so please be careful not to use too much. Sericite mica, rice flour and silk powder add silky texture to your foundation.

3. Next, add 1 teaspoon of kaolin. Kaolin is a natural clay with thickening and oil absorption properties.

4. Finally, add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Since these features are very powerful, please do this very, very carefully! One descent is the best, and can go a long way. Never exceed 5 drops. There are many ways to add various essential oils: Vitamin E is used for moisturizing, tea tree oil can prevent acne or lavender has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. So be sure to research any other essential oils that may be added.

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