What are the Types of Commercial Mica?

Oct. 13, 2020

As a Wet Ground Mica Manufacturer, share with you. Mica is highly reflective, and its excellent cleavage allows it to split into thin slices. These tough, soft sheets are the distinguishing feature of the mineral group. The sheet is transparent, or translucent if the color is darker. Mica is stable when exposed to electricity, light, humidity and extreme temperatures.

Muscovite Mica

Muscovite Mica

Commercial forms of mica can be classified as unmanufactured or manufactured. Unproduced mica can be divided into two categories: flake mica and waste mica, including flake mica. Most of the formed or stamped mica is used in electrical products.

The main mica minerals used in commercial applications are biotite, muscovite and phlogopite. Biotite is usually used as a soil additive in its ground (particle) form. Muscovite and phlogopite are applied in flake and ground form. Muscovite flake mica is recovered only from pegmatite deposits; phlogopite flake mica is recovered from pyroxene.

Muscovite is the main mica used in the electrical industry to make mica-based capacitors that can operate at temperatures or frequencies that are harmful to polypropylene capacitors. Phlogopite mica is used in plastic composites for automotive applications due to its dimensional stability, increased stiffness and improved heat distortion temperature.

Artificial mica includes synthetic mica, glass mica, ground mica, phosphate mica and recycled mica. Due to unqualified size, color or quality, waste mica is material below the specifications of flake mica. Most waste mica is used as a raw material for two types of ground mica: wet grinding and dry grinding.

Dry ground mica is a very fine, very rough material, the flakes of which show considerable surface damage and are not shiny. It is used in connecting materials to bond, strengthen and fill the joints between drywall panels; as a substitute for asbestos in automotive products; prevent adhesion in roof tiles; and insulate high temperature and ultraviolet radiation.

Wet-milled mica is a finely divided material whose flakes have smooth rounded edges and maintain their luster. Wet-ground mica retains the brilliance of its split surface and is mainly used in pearl paints in the automotive industry, but its reflection and refraction properties make it an important ingredient in cosmetics, from eyeliner and eye shadow to body gloss, lipstick and nails oil.

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