Is Mica Environmentally Friendly?

Aug. 26, 2020

As a Sericite Mica Supplier, show you. While mica brings crucial environmental benefits to a broad variety of industries, is mica environmentally friendly when it concerns its mining, handling and also disposal?

Mica is a normally happening mineral as well as its 2 main forms made use of in numerous commercial and also business applications are phlogopite or eco-friendly mica, and muscovite or white mica.

As this post on mica in its all-natural form discovers, extracting mica requires mining it. Similar to all types of mining, there are risks and also environmental problems that come with these procedures.

Sericite Mica for Sale

Sericite Mica for Sale

Mining for Mica

Much of mica is sourced from rugged grained igneous rocks called pegmatites. Mining mica crystals is a concentrated, requiring job due to the danger of damages to the material in its natural state.

There are 2 primary kinds of mica mining: for sheet mica and also for scrap or flake mica.

Mining for sheet mica involves either deep shaft or open pit surface area mining methods. As soon as a mica seem is discovered, removing it includes a mindful procedure. This is because the goal is to preserve the slim, all-natural sheets of the crystals for later processing.

Subsequently, while there might be some use of explosives, the miners have to stay clear of passing through the real pocket of mica being mined. Consequently, there is an environmental issue that is indispensable to the mining process.

This sheet type of mica is less plentiful than flake mica, as well as labour-intensive in its extraction.

Mining for scrap or flake mica is less financially or environmentally risky, while being basically a byproduct of the sheet mica mining industry.

This type of mica has the top qualities crucial for manufacturing paper, and also is likewise utilized in the beauty industry.

Typically, mica flakes are recouped in open pit mining problems, from the removal of quartz, kaolin and feldspar. The mica is extracted at the handling stage, when the rocks have been blasted, extracted and also packed onto transportation.

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