What are the Types of Mica?

Sep. 02, 2020

The mica mineral group consists of 34 phyllosilicate minerals, all with a layered, platy structure. The mineral has actually been understood for centuries: Mica was first mined in India about 4,000 years earlier, where it was utilized primarily in medicines. The Mayans used it for attractive effect in stucco to make their temples sparkle in the sun. Today it is used in everything from electric items to make-up.

Phlogopite Mica

Phlogopite Mica

Mica is very reflective, and also its superb bosom allows it to split right into thin sheets; these challenging, adaptable sheets are the identifying feature of the mineral group. Thin sheets are transparent or, if deeply tinted, translucent. Micas are stable when exposed to electricity, light, dampness and also severe temperature levels.

Business forms of mica can be grouped as either unmanufactured or produced. Unmanufactured mica can be separated right into 2 classes: sheet mica and also scrap mica, which includes flake mica. The majority of made mica, which has actually been shaped or punched, is utilized in electric products.

The major mica minerals used in commercial applications are biotite, muscovite as well as phlogopite. Biotite is typically made use of in its ground (particle) type as a dirt additive; muscovite and also phlogopite have applications in sheet and also ground kinds. Muscovite sheet mica is recouped only from pegmatite deposits; phlogopite sheet mica is recuperated from pyroxenites.

Muscovite is the primary mica made use of by the electrical industry to produce mica-based capacitors with the ability of running at temperatures or frequencies that are devastating to polypropylene capacitors. Phlogopite Mica is utilized in plastic compounds for automobile applications because of its dimensional stability, increased rigidity as well as enhanced warmth distortion temperature.

Made mica includes built-up mica, glass-bonded mica, ground mica, phosphate-bonded mica as well as reconstituted mica. Scrap mica is material that is below specifications for sheet mica because of subpar dimension, shade or quality. Many scrap mica is utilized as the raw material for two kinds of ground mica: wet-ground as well as dry-ground.

Dry-Ground Mica is a carefully split product that is rough, with flakes showing considerable surface damage as well as no luster. It is utilized in joint compounds to bond, strengthen and also fill out the seams in between drywall sheets; as an asbestos substitute in vehicle products; in roof shingle finishes to prevent sticking; and in high-temperature and ultraviolet-radiation insulation.

Wet-ground mica is a finely split product that has flakes with smooth rounded sides and that keeps its luster. Wet-ground mica, which preserves the brilliance of its cleavage deals with, is used largely in pearlescent paints by the vehicle market, yet its reflective and also refractive buildings make it a vital active ingredient in cosmetics also, from eyeliner and also eye shadow to body glitter, lipstick and nail polish.

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