Is Your Mica High Heat Tolerant?

Jul. 10, 2020

As a Mica Powder Factory, share with you.

Mica is one of the most popular normally occurring mineral that works finest with many glass. You will certainly find it in different colors, and also it is accountable for the luminous shine upon enhancement to integrated glass. All-natural Mica Powder will preserve its ideal color when exposed to temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. In this post, I am going to show you just how you can use mica powder in your glass artwork-- especially, fused glass.

Phlogopite Mica

To start with, you require to design a pattern that you will use in the fused glass art. Below, you require to represent both rooms while developing the style, that is, adverse and also favorable space. Next, reduced a piece of glass of measurements of 8 by 8 inch and wash them carefully using alcohol. While doing this, check that you don't have any kind of oil in your hands.

Mix your All-natural Mica Powder and also alcohol on a glass dish up to a factor where you do not see any lumps because combination. Scrap this materials right into a glass container that you will certainly make use of for spray paint or paint itself.

Then, you require to find up with a pattern onto the contact paper. Eliminate your style so that you produce only one-use pattern which will be stuck onto your fused glass. Here, it is vital to note that stickers provide a great pre-made option when you want developing a one-use pattern with a call paper.

Currently, you're needed to adhere your pattern to the merged glass. Following phase is also painting or spraying of the glass sheet that you covered in your contact paper with All-natural Mica Powder blend. After this, enable time for the mix to completely dry.

Get rid of the call paper very carefully. In this phase, you'll understand that mica will continue to be in every other hole left in the stencil. Then, area your item of integrated glass to the already ready glass kiln.

While on with the procedure, you should note that no mica fusing will occur after you have placed it in the kiln. Likewise, never ever location mica powder near glass side, as well as if you position it in between 2 glass layers, it will protect against these edges from merging effectively. When you cover it with clear glass, it's guaranteed to acquire an interesting and deep shade. However, you need to keep any type of capped mica a few centimeters from the glass edges when topped. Guarantee that every terminated object go back to area temperature problems prior to you proceed to remove it from the kiln.

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