How to Make Use of Mica Powder in Jewelry Production?

Jul. 16, 2020

What is Mica Powder?

If you're a novice when it comes to enameling, you may be wondering "what is mica pigment powder precisely?"-- since there's frequently some complication around the distinctions in between mica as well as pigment. As a Phlogopite Mica Supplier, share it with you. Mica is a natural rock mineral that contains little, glossy flakes.

It is after that erode to create mica powder-- a glimmer pigment that resembles a really great shine and also is available in a large variety of colours. This mineral is made use of to add color as well as a glimmer to epoxy material, soap, candles, cosmetics and also transparent polymer clay. Although mica differs from pigment powder, its main objective is to produce a shimmering or glossy impact, whereas pigments are the colors themselves.

Phlogopite Mica

Phlogopite Mica

Exactly how to make use of Mica Powder in jewelry production?

Now you have actually obtained a hold on the various methods to use mica, including it right into your jewelry styles is very easy. Need some concepts to assist obtain you started? Right here's some inspiration on how to use mica powder in jewelry production:

Develop moonstone results by taking percentages of the powder and also mixing it right into epoxy material. This design works especially well with a drop necklace bezel as well as a couple of flakes of gold fallen leave sheet.

Obtained some damaged gemstones that you can't make use of? Mix your epoxy resin and also powder and load a round pendant bezel 1/3 of the means complete (the much deeper the much better, or you might have to break up your gems a little more). Take your stones and also damage them up into smaller sized items. Utilizing tweezers, location your smashed pieces right into the material and after that pour over much more material up until the bezel is complete. Leave part of the gems pieces uncovered to develop a fine druzy effect, and utilize various tones of the very same colour gems to include a lot more special effect.

Create a pendant making use of sheet steel as well as jewelry stamps to create layouts externally of the metal. Take some powder on a wet paint brush as well as gently paint over the stamping. Use numerous colours to create an unique effect. This is a wonderful method to cheer up your basic necklace styles-- also optimal for decline jewelry, as well.

Making clay jewelry? Mix the powder in with raw clay to add colour or brush the pigment on to your moulded item, securing it with a finish over the top. Our company also has Phlogopite Mica for sale, welcome to consult us.